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All our photos are intellectual property and are therefore subject to copyright, use is only allowed in special cases with prior written permission !!

House rules

Here are some house rules , it may sound a little business like but it provides clarity and transparency. As a buyer you know exactly where you stand and that's easier doing business with no problems afterwards.

  • Our used or ordered parts are chosen with care, however, second hand goods which can´t always be in mint condition in accordance with age, wear and tear are normal and therefore to be expected.


  • Each part collected from us or sent by us should immediately be checked, if there is anything wrong it should be reported immediately to us.
  • Any advertising can take place within eight days only, after consultation , the possible cost of restoring or return are hereby charged to the purchaser. This advertising needs to be well supported, possibly confirmed  by written proof or photo’s. be confirmed in writing and be provided with evidence or photos. When mistakes are made ??by us any transporting costs can be compensated after consultation.
  • For parts that have been returned, we will first try to exchange it for a replacement or another component, only in extreme cases will we proceed to refund the amount excluding shipping costs.
  • Used electrical and electrical components cannot be returned.


  • If the buyer decides to have an item sent, he takes the possible risks that it may not fit or meet expectations. Therefore it is advisable to come in yourself to Offroadcentrum to see if you will be satisfied with the condition of the product.
  • Should Offroadcentrum default on delivery as a result of uncontrollable event, no liability is applicable.
  • Indication of prices and offers are valid for 8 days without any obligation and subject to change, every buyer is considered during this period to be able to pick up the item or having it sent.
  • As long as the buyer has not complied fully with obligations, the goods will remain the property of the Offroadcentrum.
  • Parts of the motorcycles are not reserved without payment in advance, based on first come first serve basis. Ordered goods remain on our premises until payment has been made.  Down payments are available, and we are contactable if buyers would like certainty about reservations via telephone or email depending on when we receive payment.
  • All purchases must be paid by cash or card which must appear on our account before we proceed with deliveries.
  • We do not repair or do revisions for third parties, so every part purchased from us is by the buyer or assembled by others on his behalf therefore Offroadcentrum cannot be held liable for damages of any nature arising from the purchase and assembling of components used.
  • The buyer is responsible for assessing the purchased parts and therefore excludes any errors and risks.

For damage from or in connection to purchases for which the Offroadcentrum are liable for, money returned will not exceed the purchase price.